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The A3 external drum of the ICG® 380 drum scanner is designed for scanning all of the traditional media, including transparency, reflection, linework and colour negatives. A mounting device is included for quick and easy original placement. For increased ease of use and improved quality a professional mounting device is available for the external drum which features a pull down roller ensuring perfect original to drum contact and consistent oil-mounting.

The highly acclaimed and patented SlickMount system is also available as an option with the 380 drum scanner. For more information on the SlickMount system please click here.

If you have the requirement to integrate traditional film work into the digital environment the Copydot option combined with the 380 scanner provides a highly productive solution to this problem. The Copydot option comprises a precision film punch and a special external scanner drum fitted with registration pins. Each film separation is scanned in turn on the pinned drum and the resulting bitmap data aligned, retouched if necessary and saved as a composite digital file using proprietary software.

For more information please contact ICG.

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